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Joseph DeProfio is a patron of the arts, personal trainer, and author of the new novel Ascendant: Online.

Joseph has been an avid gamer since the time of the original NES, his passion for gaming coupled with his creative spark and passion for writing gives a sense of balance to the protagonists of the Ascendant: Online Series.

Joe has an MFA in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University, is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise, and is an Affiliate on the Twitch Streaming platform.

When he is not gaming or writing, you can find him hiking trails in Southern New Hampshire with his dog, Reigen or at an independent café, working on his next novel.


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Witness the Beginning

A LitRPG with heavy fantasy action, several references to mythology, and a compelling story that pits the parallels of normal life against the drama of a post-apocalyptic starscape, Ascendant: Online is a unique take on the genre that doesn’t disappoint.


Antonious King has been selected to beta-test what promises to be the best VR MMO of 2038. As one of three hundred in the “Ascendant Program” he’ll take part in a bloody civil war between the King of the Gods, Ignacious and the God-Hero Auren, granted powerful relics, artifacts, and a near-immortal body. What’s the catch? There’s no Logging out. There is no game. The planet Earth has been destroyed on a whim and the “Cadre of Justice” hunts Auren and his Ascendants across space with brutal efficiency. Tony learns quickly that there is much more at stake than gaining early access to the game everyone’s been waiting for. Forced into combat sports as a child by a father obsessed with victory, Tony finds himself again, forced into conflict. With his back against the wall and the most powerful beings in the universe out for his head, Tony unlocks the Dread Knight class; the perfect specialization for survival in the harsh biome of Arach and avenging mankind. The hard part? He won’t be able to do it alone. Vasna, the Totemic World-Shaping Shaman, Auren, the Lord of Auras, Jorogu of the Yokai cluster, and a friend thought long gone are just a few of the allies Tony will need to rally against Ignacious the Maddened God-King. Welcome, to Ascendant: Online

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